Radio caller claims bisexual people with HIV are ‘killing the white race’

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A radio caller on LBC has claimed that HIV is “nature’s way of pointing out that homosexuality is wrong”, and that gay people are “stopping people from reproducing”.

The 22-year-old named Joshua called to air his views on the issue of anal sex and HIV, claiming that gay people “educate” straight people to enter same-sex relationships.

The phone-in was hosted by Cristo Foufas, and began when he asked whether those at risk of contracting HIV should be given PrEP.

Among a slew of homophobic, biphobic, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments, the caller claimed that, due to bisexual people sleeping with straight people, “[HIV] is being spread onto the straight community and it is killing the white race.”

When asked by host Foufas why straight people could contract HIV, if indeed the virus was a way of eradicating gay people, the caller said that was “because of bisexual people”.

As well as claiming that HIV is “nature’s way of pointing out that homosexuality is wrong,” the 22-year-old also said anal sex “is not natural sex”, continuing: “If you are having anal sex, if you are in a homosexual relationship, you are therefore being unnatural because you are never going to produce offspring.”

Calling for homosexuality to be made illegal again in the UK, the caller went on to say that a “majority of people” in the UK share his views, and also that homosexuality is “akin to paedophilia”.

He continued: “HIV is predominantly affecting white people now. Because it is killing people in this country. It is slightly unacceptable. If we had laws to deal with it, we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of pounds dealing with this.”

After asserting that homosexuality should be made illegal, Foufas asked whether “black people should be made illegal”, to which the caller responded: “Actually I believe that Europe is a white domain, it belongs to white people.”

He then said a black person born in the UK is a “black African”, and said that “Jewish cultural Marxism” sets out to “destroy the white race through mass non-white immigration.”

Nearing the end of the call, he said gay relationships are “stopping people from reproducing” and “educating” people to be gay.

The host then asked him out for a drink on Old Compton Street in London’s Soho, at which point the 24-year-old said “you can keep your drink to yourself”, despite Foufas’ offer that they could “talk about his obsession with anal sex.”