UKIP: Gay marriage has ‘stirred up trouble for the gay community’

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The chairman of a UKIP branch in Cornwall believes Tory support for same-sex marriage “will cost the Conservatives dearly” as it “needlessly stirred up trouble for the gay community”.

Steve Kendall, of the St Austell and Newquay branch, said the word “marriage” should be reserved for the “bonding of a male and female”.

Mr Kendall was responding to the decision of a Christian publishing firm to defend printing a UKIP-authorised group’s newsletter referring to gay people as “depraved sodomites”.

The newsletter was printed by Printbridge, formally Print By Design, based in Bodmin, Cornwall.

In a letter to the Western Morning News Mr Kendall wrote: “I am replying to your article in the Cornish Guardian about UKIP Christian Soldiers (UKIP-supporting printer ‘didn’t see anti-gay slur’, Page 6, February 11). Along with many others, I joined UKIP because of it’s opposition to gay marriage.

“I believe that homosexuals and lesbians have as much right to live on this Earth as I do and, if they want to join themselves together, then that’s their business.

“However, the word ‘marriage’ should have been left alone to describe the bonding of a male and female.

“David Cameron’s insistence on changing the meaning of that word, with the gay marriage law, was divisive and needlessly stirred up trouble for the gay community.

“I believe this will cost the Conservatives dearly on May 7.”