Irish company refuses to print gay couple’s civil partnership ceremony invites

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A printing company in Drogheda, Ireland, refused to print the invitations for a gay couple’s civil partnership ceremony because the owners “don’t agree with homosexuality”.

Jonathon Brennan, who owns Avenue Hair and Beauty salon in the town, said he had a consultation with Beulah Print to make the invites. He had been working with the company through business ventures for four years previous.

He did not make it clear that he was a gay man but said it was obvious to Beulah. When the company returned after the consultation, they said they would not be making the invites because of his sexuality.

Speaking to the Niall Boylan show on Classic Hits 4FM, Brennan said the company owner told him: “We don’t agree with gay marriage and we don’t believe in homosexuality. There is a conflict of interest this time and we have to refuse.”

“He went on to explain that if somebody came in with a picture of a naked woman and they wanted to print it on to a poster, they would have to refuse that which horrified me because he was comparing a wedding invitation to a pornographic image.”

The company have released a statement explaining why they refused to print the invitations. They said it was because they are “Bible-believing Christians”.

Beulah's statement

Ireland is due to vote on the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the referendum on May 22. The exact wording of the referendum will be: “Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”