Susan Sarandon supports her nephew over his former teacher’s anti-gay comments

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show star offered her support to her gay nephew on Facebook.

Scott Lyons took to Facebook to speak out about comments made by his former teacher at Immaculata High School in New Jersey, which he attended until 1998. Religion teacher Patricia Jannuzzi had reportedly said homosexuality was “learned beahviour” on social media. Mr Lyons responded by saying “I found your classes and teaching during my time at IHS to be focused on love and acceptance. I can’t help but be offended and disappointed by the position you have taken via social media recently.

“While I respect the fact that people have different opinions on the matter what I can tell you from my heart is that I urge you to be careful with your words and the messaging you are putting out there. You have a responsibility as a teacher to lead by example and the words that you have been throwing out there are detrimental to the well being and health of the youth that you inspire.”

Ms Sarandon shared his words with her Facebook fans, and said: “So proud of my nephew Scott and the dialogue he started. He was responding to a teacher he had at his high school who still believes that homosexuality is a learned behavior. High school is a tough time anyway… students don’t need teachers making it even more difficult.”

On Saturday, she then posted a letter from the school, informing parents and students that Patricia Jannuzzi had been placed on administrative leave, as her comments were “completely inconsistent with our policy and position as a Catholic Christian community.”

Ms Sarandon said: “Goes to show that you should always speak out when you see something that’s not right. Silence is complicity.”

Mr Lyons told People Magazine about the support he’d always received from his aunt: “”From as early as I can remember, she has been one of my biggest supporters. I think she knew from very early on that I was different and she kept me safe and feeling that I was great just the way I was.

“She is just the coolest person and it means a lot. When I thanked her, she texted me back and said, ‘It feels really good when people have your back.’ And it really does.”

Last year, Susan Sarandon made a video in support of equal marriage.