Archbishop of Dublin: Some gay marriage opponents are ‘obnoxious, insulting and, unchristian’

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The Archbishop of Dublin has slammed some opponents of same-sex marriage, for permitting anti-gay rhetoric.

The Catholic Archbishop Dr Diarmuid Martin made the comments in a speech to the Iona Institue, which opposes LGBT rights, ahead of the Republic of Ireland’s referendum on May 22.

In his address the Archbishop set out his own opposition to the issue, saying: “There is only one marriage and that is marriage as a basic human reality.

“There is a radical difference between marriage between a man and a woman and the union of two people of the same sex.”

However, he also condemned groups for allowing their stance on the issue to become “obnoxious”.

He said: “I have consistently said that the debate must be carried on respectfully without the use of intemperate language.

“I would add that it must be carried on rationally and with respectful argument and not simply with one-liners aimed at stopping debate.

“I do however feel obliged to say that I have received in recent time correspondence from people who support a ‘no’ vote in the referendum in which the language used is not just intemperate but obnoxious, insulting and, unchristian in regard to gay and lesbian people.

“If people use such language to support a position they feel is Christian, then all I can say is that they have forgotten something essential about the Christian message.”