Thatcher’s biographer claims ‘gay rights sharia’ wants to silence ‘traditional views’

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Former Telegraph editor Charles Moore has complained that “traditional views” are being drowned out by “a form of gay rights sharia”.

The columnist, who is Margaret Thatcher’s official biographer, made the claims in a piece reflecting on the Dolce and Gabbana boycott over the pair’s attacks on IVF and same-sex families.

Mr Moore claimed that a “gay rights sharia” was trying to “silence debate”, arguing that you should be free to discuss whether gay people should be allowed to be parents like disagreeing over the rate of income tax.

He wrote: “If I say, for example, that the top rate of income tax should be 80 per cent and you say it should be 20 per cent, we may argue hotly, but we don’t accuse one another of being ‘bigoted’.

“But if you start to speak about how babies should be made and brought up, you quickly find that no such tolerance is afforded.”

He also cited comments condemning the pair made by out journalist Patrick Strudwick, saying: “What we were hearing – and it has snatched the microphone of homosexual life in the same unrepresentative way that Islamism has grabbed the public voice of Muslims – was the voice of a self-appointed moral policeman.

“If you are gay, Mr Strudwick seemed to assert, there are certain things you must believe. Nothing else is permitted under the gay rights sharia.”

Mr Moore also claimed: “To think that a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman, preferably married to one another, are – other things being equal – the best parents, is common sense.”