This Republican wants to ban all toilets that aren’t male or female

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A Republican legislator in the state of Missouri is attempting to put an outright ban on toilets that aren’t male or female.

Republican state congressman Jeff Pogue filed two bills this week which – in line with legislation advanced by Republicans in a number of other states would prevent trans people from using the correct public bathrooms.

However, the representative’s bill goes even further – trying to ban bathrooms outright that aren’t explicitly male or female.

It states: ” All public restrooms, other than single occupancy public restrooms, shall be designated as gender-divided restrooms” – and also bans the use of “state revenue” to create gender-neutral spaces.

The law would mean that one gender must be banned entirely from facilities where there isn’t room to provide separate male and female bathrooms.

It could also mean that accessible bathrooms could be forced to designate a gender if they have more than one stall.

AJ Bockelman of Missouri LGBT rights group PROMO told Boom: “These bills are intended to stoke the fear of transgender people portrayed as predators.

“Fourteen cities and counties in Missouri and over 200 cities and counties across the country have passed laws protecting LGBT people from discrimination in public accommodations with no increase in public safety incidents.

“You would think the legislature had more pressing issues to address rather than pursue straw-man arguments.”