Anti-gay pastor: I was sent a ‘bucket of poop’ by ‘demon sodomites’

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An adamantly anti-gay New York based pastor who previously claimed that Starbucks is flavoured with the semen of “sodomites”, has been sent a bucked of excrement in the post.

James David Manning, of the ATLAH Missionary Church posted a new video explaining that he was sent the sealed box of poo by “demon-possessed sodomites.”

He continued: “What a sicko group of people.”

“And by the way, you know, when I use the term ‘sodomite’ that includes lesbos, trans–crossdressers, transgender, dykes, bulldaggers…all that. So don’t think I’m just talking about men.”

Manning previously claimed that pop singer Justin Bieber is actually transgender, and regrets “cutting off” his breasts, and admitted that he has been “tempted” by the gay lifestyle.