Ed Miliband: I admire David Cameron’s commitment to same-sex marriage

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Ed Miliband has said among the two things he most admires about David Cameron is his commitment to same-sex marriage.

Speaking at tonight’s Channel 4 and Sky #BattleForNumber10 debate, the Labour Leader was asked by Jeremy Paxman what he most admires in the Prime Minister.

Responding, Mr Miliband said he thought same-sex marriage was one of two things he thought Mr Cameron did right.

“It was hard in his party, it was the right thing to do for his country,” he said.

As well as same-sex marriage, the Leader of the Opposition said Mr Cameron’s commitment to international aid was also commendable given opposition from within the Tories.

“There will be some people who won’t like me saying that but he took a risk in the Conservative Party by saying that was the right thing to do and he stuck to that,” he said.

When asked whether the pair would go for a pint together, Mr Miliband said hew as unsure as “it is hard in politics”. He did joke they would share a bacon sandwich.

The Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act received Royal Assent in 2013, and couples began to marry on 29 March 2014. In the Commons, it proved unpopular with some traditional Conservatives, with just more than half of Tory MPs voting against it.

Writing exclusively for PinkNews, Prime Minister David Cameron celebrated the introduction of same-sex marriage, comparing same-sex marriages to his own, and noting the work still to be done for equality.

He wrote: “When people’s love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change.”