Republican compares gay people to slave owners

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A Republican state representative has compared gay people to slave owners.

Earlier this week, Idaho state representative Paul Shepherd has had his official website legally hijacked and turned against him by pro-LGBT students, when he neglected to renew his domain.

In an interview with Idaho Reports, Mr Shepherd compared gay people to slave owners, claiming they weren’t all evil.

He said: “[Slave owners] weren’t terrible rotten horrible people”, explaining that they just made bad choices.

He continued: “And that’s how I see gay people.

“Slave owners were very good Christians and good people. I totally disagree with [slavery].”

Mr Shepherd tabled a resolution earlier this month calling to impeach federal judges who supported same-sex marriage.

This drew the attention of student Dylan Hailey, who discovered that Mr Shephard’s website was due to expire – so he bought it.

Visitors are now greeted with the words: “His staff forgot to renew the domain this week, so we’ve done so to make this site more useful”.

The site contains links to information about Paul Shephard, as well as links to political campaigns and an open letter to Mr Shephard, inviting him to meet with the LGBT community.

Mr Hailey has said that he would gladly give the politician his website back – as long as he donates to an LGBT rights group.