Son of Arkansas governor: I’m happy my dad’s not signing ‘religious freedom’ bill

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The son of the Governor of Arkansas has praised his father for taking his advice and refusing to sign a bill to allow businesses to refuse to serve gay people.

The state’s congress recently passed a “Religious Freedom Restoration” bill,which is near-identical to legislation that Indiana was condemned last month for passing.

However, Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson – who has previously expressed support for the legislation – revealed yesterday that he would not sign the bill after his own son signed a petition condemning him.

Mr Hutchinson had said: “My son Seth, signed the petition asking me, Dad, the governor, to veto this bill… it shows that … there’s a generational difference of opinion on these issues.”

Seth Hutchinson reacted to the announcement in a statement, telling Business Insider: “I am happy that my Dad is now calling on legislators to rework HB 1228. I had communicated with him my opposition to the bill, along with thousands of other Arkansans and concerned citizens around the country.

“I’m proud to have made a small contribution to the overall effort to stop discrimination against the LGBT community in Arkansas, the state that I love (Go hogs!).

“I love and respect my father very much, but sometimes we have political disagreements, just as many families do.

“We must build a mass movement of Americans fighting for economic, environmental, and social justice if we want to see real progress.”