You may have missed your chance to eat Benedict Cumberbatch

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Fans of ‘Imitation Game’ star Benedict Cumberbatch went wild recently when they found a chocolate version of their idol unattended in a London shopping centre.

The likeness of the 38-year-old star was left at Westfield Stratford in London over Easter, along with hidden cameras.

A number of children and adults were seen nibbling, licking and breaking off parts of the chocolate statue, which was left destroyed.

The installation was called the “Chocolate Cumberbatch Temptation Experiment”, and was arranged to promote the TV channel Drama, and UKTV on demand.


Weighing in at 40kg, and actually providing quite a good likeness of the star, the statue took more than 250 man hours to create.

Cumberbatch was decided as the subject of the experiment after he was named the “dishiest dramatic actor” in a poll.

Adrian Wills, general manager of Drama, said: “We knew a chocolate statue of the drama actor may prove tricky to resist so this was an experiment in many ways.

“Fans clearly couldn’t keep their hands off him – he’s been ravaged!”

A 17-year-old recently amassed an internet following – due to his similarity to Cumberbatch.