Reports: Barry Manilow marries manager Garry Kief

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A number of media outlets are reporting that Barry Manilow has tied the knot with his manager Garry Kief.

According to a report in the National Enquirer, the ‘Mandy’ singer – who has never publicly spoken about his sexuality – tied the knot with his manager and long-term partner.

The supermarket tabloid reports that the pair married in a surprise ceremony attended by 50 guests – who were led to believe they had been invited to a lunch.

A source said: “Barry has lived a very secretive life and the wedding was no different.

“Barry and Garry did not tell friends or family that the occasion was their wedding… it was a beautiful wedding and consummated their lifelong love affair!”

People Magazine add that they have confirmed the claim with “multiple sources”, but Manilow’s rep declined to comment.

The pop music veteran, 71, told Billboard earlier this year that he would be giving up touring after his current tour.

He said: “It doesn’t mean I’m retiring or anything. I’ll do shows and I’ll promote albums if I make any more, but no more big tours.

“That’s it. It’s too much packing. It’s 40 years, more than that, really, of packing and waiting for room service.

“People think it’s glamorous, but glamorous is the last word I would use for this job.

“You don’t see anything; you see the inside of your hotel room.”