UKIP just opened an office next to a gay sauna and a Polish supermarket

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The UK Independence Party might be getting used to unconventional neighbours – after opening an office between a Polish supermarket and a gay sauna.

Last month the party opened an office on Crawley Street in Luton – just one door down from the Greenhouse Sauna for gay and bisexual men.

The party says it chose the location because the office space was cheap, but a number of men who frequent the sauna were surprised to meet their new neighbours.

One man told the Daily Star: “I was stunned when the boards went up. Never in a million years did we think we’d have a UKIP office move in next door to us.”

Another added: “It’s ironic given what some of the party’s members have said about homosexuality.”

However, the party’s election agent Bob Clements told the newspaper he didn’t mind the location.

He said: “[The Sauna] has got nothing to do with us, we are not bothered. We were looking around and this was a property that came up on the market at the right price.

“We have also got a Polish store and a Lebanese restaurant next to us. We are not bothered who is near us.”

Earlier today, PinkNews revealed that the UKIP candidate for Brent North, Alan Craig, is set to speak to a ‘gay cure’ group that encourages people to “heal” their same-sex attraction.

We’re glad that if any UKIP members in Luton get a hunger for anything, all they have to do is pop next door – to the Polish supermarket, of course…