Channel 4 orders series of trans documentaries

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The broadcaster has commissioned three documentaries about trans and gender variant young people.

Trans children have been getting a lot of air time recently, with a well-received Louix Theroux documentary about American children, and a BBC2 show about children in the UK. Channel 4 are joining in, with ‘Young and Trans’ set to explore the issues faced by young trans children.

A statement from Firecracker, the company who will be making the shows, says: “The documentary will follow the families as they share their situation with friends, and get to meet other families going through the same thing.”

They will also be making ‘The Camp’, showing an American summer camp for trans and gender variant children up to the age of 12, and The Testosterone Diaries, focusing on the lives of a group of trans men.

The statement says of ‘The Testosterone Diaries’: “Across the UK these young people are proudly broadcasting their lives to the world in online diaries. Combining present tense personal stories with candid web diaries, the programme will show their incredible “rebirth” alongside the emotional challenges presented by their families, friends and society, and find out why they are publishing their journeys online.”

BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour was criticised for “manufacturing debate” of the right of trans young people to receive transition health care.