Clint Eastwood’s son Scott: Gay men are great

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The son of legendary Hollywood star Clint Eastwood has spoken about his gay fans and support for same-sex marriage.

In an interview with Dallas Voice, Scott Eastwood, who is an actor himself, was asked whether he was aware he had a gay fan base and how he felt about that.

He said: “Now I am — you’re bringing it to my attention! I love it. I don’t discriminate against any fans.

“Fans are fans, and gay men are great.”

He also agreed with his father’s pro-same-sex marriage stance. “I support gay marriage and the whole bit. I think everybody should be able to be with who they want to be with. My dad is the same way.

“We’re only on this planet for a short period of time, and we should all just be as kind as we can to other people because, in life, all you really have is how you affect people, in a negative way or a positive way.”

Asked if he’d consider a gay role, such a Brokeback Mountain remake – since “There’s probably a little bit of cowboy in me somewhere,” – he said: ” To me, it’s all about the script and the director. I’m very director-driven and material-oriented, so if it’s a great script and a great director, then yeah.”

His father was among the Republicans who called for Proposition 8 to be struck down in 2013.