Brain surgeon claims higher gay suicide rates are because of an ‘identity crisis’

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A brain surgeon from Italy has claimed that a higher proportion of gay people kill themselves compared to the rest of the population because they suffer from an identity crisis.

Massimo Gandolfini, who is the director of neuroscience and head of neurosurgery at the Poliambulanza Foundation in Brescia, made the comments at a meeting of Comitato Articolo 26, which campaigns against teaching about gender and sexuality, reports the Local.

Gandolfini suggested that it was not homophobia which led to higher suicide rates among gay people, pointing towards countries where gay, lesbian and bisexual people are more accepted, as an example of why.

“It’s said that suicides are higher because society isn’t welcoming,” he added.

“To debunk this lie, go and look at data from Belgium and Scandinavia. The incidence of suicide in these countries, which are gay-friendly, remains very high because beneath all of this is identity discomfort.”

Gandolfini also teaches neuroscience at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. He said people are more likely to be suicidal if they “feel uncomfortable in themselves.”

He said it was wrong for a teacher to knowingly support a child who is gay, suggesting that sexuality is a choice.

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