Kellie Maloney to make boxing comeback

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Former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney, who last year came out as transgender and publicly transitioned to female, has announced her return to the sport.

The former UKIP candidate and boxing legend, known as Frank Maloney during her time in the sport,  announcing her transition last August.

Ms Maloney has since appeared on Celebrity Big Brother to raise money for a transgender charity, and undergone reassignment surgery – but this week announced she would be returning to boxing.

The former manager of Lennox Lewis told the BBC: “I’m going to start down at the lower level again, and try and work my way back up.It’s like starting all over but with 30 years of knowledge.”

She said of some people’s continuing reactions to her transition: “It does make me laugh! It’s actually quite funny.”

“My main supporter, Southwark Metals, who supported Frank Maloney, have come back on board… which to me is great.

“It’s one of the things that made me go back into boxing. Their support is going to help me develop the career of these fighters.”

Boxer Gary Cornish added: “When I worked with Frank, he wanted to make me the first British heavyweight champion from Scotland.

“She’s obviously got the hunger back and underneath it all she’s still got the brain and all that knowledge. As long as she progresses my career, I’m happy.

“There will be a limelight on her for a while but I don’t mind being in the background.

“And part of the real me is that I love boxing, so I wanted to give it another shot. It feels like I’ve been born again, like I’ve got a second chance in life.”

Despite apologising for some of her anti-gay views prior to transition, Ms Maloney claimed last summer: “I don’t think that children should be brought up in same-sex marriages”.

However, last month Ms Maloney insisted she no longer opposes same-sex couples having children.