Watch: You’ll love the reason why these women are learning sign language

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A new advert features two women who are learning sign language – and the reason why will melt your heart.

The ad features two women learning American Sign Language for a number of phrases – including “nice to meet you”, “let’s read a book”, and “are you cold?”.

It’s not initially clear why the pair are putting effort into learning sign language – but they are later revealed to have been been preparing to adopt a young deaf girl.

Meeting the girl for the first time, the couple sign: “Hello beautiful. We’re going to be your new mummies”.

The ad is for Wells Fargo, who recently signed a legal brief alongside a number of other top employers, calling on the US Supreme Court to rule in favour of same-sex marriage.

A deaf gay man recently opened up about his experience of learning to embrace his identities as part of LGBT video project I’m From Driftwood, to encourage others to come forward.

Richard Mesich of Indiana signed: “I know some people feel lost and isolated because they think there aren’t many deaf gay people out there, but it’s not true.

“The truth is, there are a lot of people who are deaf and gay out there. You just need to find the right time to meet people. It will make you feel more confident.”