President Obama pokes fun at anti-gay Indiana pizzeria – and himself

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In his annual speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Barack Obama joked about his relationship with Joe Biden.

It has become tradition for Obama to make a gag-filled speech at the yearly event, poking fun at journalists, politicians and current affairs. This year he made a few jokes about himself and Vice President Joe Biden.

Speaking about entering his last two years as president, he said: “I feel more loose and relaxed than ever. Those Joe Biden shoulder massages, they’re like magic.”

He also made a quip about an anti-gay pizzeria in Indiana: “Let me set the record straight, I tease Joe sometimes but he has been at my side for seven years. I love that man.

“He’s not just a great Vice President, he’s a great friend. We’ve gotten so close there’s places in Indiana that won’t serve us pizza any more.”

The owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana had said they would use the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to refuse to serve pizza at a gay wedding.

On Rick Santorum’s refusal at attend the same-sex wedding of a friend of loved one, President Obama said: “Gays and lesbians across the country responded ‘That’s not gonna be a problem. Don’t sweat that one’.”

Watch his full speech below:

Earlier this month, a photo of Obama arriving in Jamaica made it look as if he was creating a rainbow .