Sherlock star Andrew Scott shows his support for same-sex marriage in Ireland

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Sherlock actor Andrew Scott has shown his support for same-sex marriage, ahead of Ireland’s referendum on the issue.

The Republic of Ireland is set to vote on May 22 on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.

Sherlock star Andrew Scott shows his support for same-sex marriage in Ireland

Andrew Scott – who is openly gay and recently appeared in the film Pride – showed his support for marriage equality in Ireland ahead of the vote, by posing with a fan during a convention in London.

Sherlock fan Fozzie shared the photo on Twitter, after bringing the signs to official BBC convention ‘Sherlocked’ and approaching the Irish actor.

Mr Scott first publicly acknowledged that he is gay in 2013, when he spoke out “as a gay person” to condemn Russia’s anti-gay legislation. He remains extremely guarded about his private life.

The actor previously rebuked those who refer to Pride as a “gay film”, saying: “It’s not a gay film, it’s about humanity.

“People actually do feel that they’re the same as each other. I think the media like to break groups into demographics, but it’s just becoming very tiresome, this idea of us and them.

“People more or less have the same desire to be kind and compassionate towards each other, and I feel very strongly about that.”

Irish TV star Brendan O’Carroll recently backed equal marriage as his foul-mouthed Mrs Brown’s Boys character, Agnes Brown.

Mrs Brown said: “Nothing beats the joy and contentment I feel knowing that my son Rory has just as much opportunity for happiness as everybody else’s son. And that’s all I ask for him, the opportunity.”

Using her trademark colourful language, she asks: “When two people love each other, you should allow then to get married. What’s all the fecking fuss?”