Bus driver tells 11 year old she is gay and ‘will burn in hell’

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A bus driver in Missouri has been sacked after cornering and shouting at an 11 year old girl.

Maurissa Rushing says the school bus driver saw her playing a game with another girl where they chased their fingers across each others arms.

The driver let all the other children off the bus at school, but forced Miss Rushing and her friend to stay. She apparently told the girls they were touching each other too much and this meant they were gay.

Miss Rushing tearfully told fox4kc: “The bus driver, she took us to the back of the bus. We sat down

“She said that we are gonna burn in hell real bad. I didn’t expect it to happen

“She was talking really bad to me and I didn’t like that. She hurt my feelings very bad.

“She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had.”

The bus company, First Student, said the driver was fired the moment they found out what had happened.

Her parents say that is not enough, and are planning to sue. Her mother Patricia said: “I feel like she was all day by herself, dealing with it. How do you deal with that at 11?

“She’s been through so much, she just did not deserve to be put in this situation. It’s not fair.”