Politicians in Texas attempt to revive notorious anti-gay marriage bill

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A notoriously high-profile anti-gay marriage bill has been revived in the Texas House in a sneaky way.

House bIll 4105 by Representative Cecil Bell, two weeks ago missed the deadline for consideration.

However, the bill’s provisions have now been added to other legislation being passed through a Senate committee this week.

According to the Quorum Report, “the language was slipped into a benign sounding bill and so far has caught the attention of very few people.”

But as the Senate has made changes to the legislation, it would have to go back to the House for consideration.

State senators and representatives in the state of Texas in March this year had filed no less than 20 bills which openly target lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender citizens in previous.

The bills had varying effects, from voiding all local anti-discrimination laws to making it a crime for transgender people to use public toilets.