MEP Janice Atkinson ‘still sitting with UKIP’ despite being expelled over fraud allegations

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An MEP who was supposedly expelled from the UK Independence Party over allegations of fraud is still sitting with the party in Brussels.

UKIP MEP for South East England Janice Atkinson was expelled for bringing the party into disrepute in March, over allegations of bogus expenses claims.

Ms Atkinson has previously called for the role of Minister for Women and Equalities to be scrapped – and famously referred to an Asian woman as a “ting-tong from somewhere”.

Despite facing a police investigation and allegations of fraud, the Independent reports that Ms Atkinson, who continues to sit in the European Parliament, still sits and works with her former UKIP colleagues.

European Parliament officials also told the newspaper that the party has not yet moved to formally expel her – despite claiming in the press that it had removed the whip.

The party says that Ms Atkinson still has the right to appeal her expulsion.


A party source told the paper that it was “hardly a surprise” that she continues to vote with her party, asking: “What would you expect? A Damascene conversion to radical green federalism?”

Ms Atkinson pledged earlier this year that a UKIP government would “not be having a Minister for Women and Equalities”, to rapturous applause from party members.


In August 2013, Ms Atkinson criticised moves to legalise same-sex marriage, saying “I am quite traditional – I don’t believe in gay marriage”.

Speaking of voters in Sevenoaks, she added: “People here are against gay marriage – I have been to people’s houses talking to them.

“It’s not about equality it’s about making David Cameron look good.”