The IOC has responded to calls to strip Caitlyn Jenner of her medal

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued a statement saying there is “no issue” over Caitlyn Jenner’s medals.

The response came amid calls for Jenner to lose her medals, as she celebrated her transition on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Signed by thousands of people yesterday,the petition states that as she competed in the men’s event, then known as Bruce, her medals should no longer be valid since she has spoken about her identity as a woman.

Speaking to Yahoo In its response to the petition, IOC Communications Director Mark Adams, despite misgendering Caitlyn and using the name Bruce, said there was “no issue” over the medal.

He said: “Bruce Jenner won his gold medal in the 1976 Olympic Games and there is no issue for the IOC.”

The step-parent to the Kardashians, Caitlyn Jenner revealed her new name as she appeared on the latest cover of Vanity Fair.

Since being signed by thousands of people, the petition asking for Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic medals to be removed has been revealed as likely to be a hoax by 4chan trolls.

Nonetheless, it has been signed by over 13,000 people.