Colin Farrell pokes fun at Catholic Church after landslide Irish marriage vote

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Irish actor Colin Farrell has poked fun at the doom-and-gloom response of the Catholic Church to the landslide victory for same-sex marriage in Ireland.

The ‘In Bruges’ star was a leading voice within the ‘Yes’ campaign ahead of the referendum, delivering an emotional plea for equality ahead of the vote.

Speaking to E Online, the actor mocked the Catholic Church for branding the euphoric moment a “dark day” and a “defeat for humanity”.

He said: “It was a huge day in the history of our country. It went by, by a healthy enough margin that it really called to mind the notion that we have become a very changed people in our outlook.

“I’m not into taunting the other side either, I don’t think that benefits anyone… [but] it was really funny because one of the arguments when the vote went through was that the Church came out and said, ‘You know, this was a dark day for Ireland,’ and all you could see was literally rainbows everywhere.

“Posters of rainbows, T-shirts of rainbows, men and women hugging, men and men hugging, women and women hugging, and yet cut to, this is a dark day in the history of [Ireland].”

“A dark day in the history of a country is internal civil conflict and war and bloodshed and maybe sexual abuse… it was a great day.”

Mr Farrell’s brother Eamonn is gay, and the actor hinted he is looking forward to a “home-grown celebration” with his partner.