Watch: Iranian-born Eurovision singer comes out in raunchy music video

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An Iranian-born Eurovision star has come out in a raunchy music video – and revealed he has been banned from his birth country.

Tooji – real name Touraj Keshtkar – represented Norway at the contest in 2012 with the song ‘Stay’.

The singer – who was born in Iran before moving to Norway as a child – has come out in a new music video for new song The Father Project.

The raunchy video, which was shot in a church, sees Tooji share a kiss with a priest before the pair appear naked together in front of the congregation.

In a second video accompanying the release, he delivers a passionate speech, saying that religion is guilty of legitimising violence against LGBT people.

He says: “It’s time that we put human rights above religion.

“I always thought that who I loved is my business, but knowing how many young people are struggling with the burden of society’s ignorance, I want to stand out as an example and let my voice be heard for all those voices mute.

“I am gay, and I stand up for my rights, and that is why I made the video Father.”

He tweeted: “My new video Father is Out, and so am I!”

The singer separately revealed he is banned from Iran.

He told the Star Observer: “Yeah, that b**ch got in some trouble, I got banned from Iran.”

“My family left everything and everyone they loved to give me the opportunity that I’m experiencing today, for me to have the chance to stand in front of the international press, speak out and maybe just contribute just a little bit to raising awareness of what’s going on in Iran, where students are being killed every f**king day for dancing.

“I couldn’t criticise [2012 Eurovision hosts] Azerbaijan directly while I was in the country but for me, by criticising Iran, I tried to be critical of Azerbaijan as well. I knew I was going to be banned, I knew it.

“I think it’s just basically being a human. How could I not be interested in standing up for human rights? As a human race we want to be told how to think and we want these boxes to tick and clear lines to follow.

“I think one of the main issues for us is that we don’t look inwards because if we do, we will all see that everything is love and all this hatred towards women, gays and minorities, along with hate in general, is taught.”However, speaking about his own sexuality he said: “People think it’s their right to know my and anyone else’s sexuality and privacy. It’s just not.”