Comedian Amy Schumer photobombed this couple’s engagement shoot

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Comedy star Amy Schumer made one couple’s engagement photo even more memorable.

Recently engaged-couple Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were having their photo taken by Alisha Siegel, in Central Park, New York, when a woman out for a jog ran stopped on her way past and asked to join in.

Ms Siegel said she heard the woman yell: “Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!”

She told People magazine: “I thought it was a little weird, but I said yes anyways.

“She took off her sunglasses, we snapped a quick pic, and right after, she says, ‘You guys know I’m like reeeeeeal famous.’ I take another look – it hit me that it was Amy Schumer!”

“My face went totally blank and I said, ‘Oh my god! Amy! I love you!’ Needless to say I was pretty excited.”

Ms Siegel said she wouldn’t have expected anything less from the ‘Trainwreck’ star: “Who else would photobomb an engagement shoot like that? Only Amy.”



In April, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe fell victim to an unfortunate photobomb.