Ex-Strictly star James Jordan: It is ‘wrong’ to allow same-sex dance partners

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan has said he thinks it is “wrong” to allow same-sex dance partners on the show.

The popular BBC dance show pairs celebrities up with professional dancers – but to date, only opposite-sex couples have competed.

However, due to the growing popularity of same-sex dance competitions, judge Craig Revel Horwood recently confirmed changes will take place in the next two seasons to remove the gender rules.

Jordan, a ballroom dancer who was dropped from Strictly in 2014, responded to the announcement to say he thought the show would lose viewers.

He told the Sun: “It’s wrong. I think they would lose so many viewers.

“I have nothing against same-sex couples, if they want to go and do their own competitions.

“But ballroom and Latin dancing is about a man dancing with a woman – that’s fact.

“I put it on Twitter that I don’t agree and people called me homophobic. But I’m not, I have lots of gay friends.”

Going on, the 37-year-old said Revel Horwood only said it because he is gay.

“It annoys me that people like Craig can say this because he’s gay. That’s the only reason he’s pushing it,” he said.

He went on: “I don’t think it would go down well. You can’t compare a man and a woman dancing with each other to two men dancing with each other, it’s stupid.

“The world is going crazy with this gender stuff at the moment.”



Of Caitlyn Jenner’s recent transition, he said: “I don’t mind if Bruce Jenner comes on the show as a woman and dances with a man. But not as a man. Because he is now Caitlyn.”