Protest held in Kyrgyzstan in favour of law to ban ‘gay propaganda’

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A protest took place in Kyrgyzstan at the weekend in favour of a proposed law to ban “gay propaganda”.

The bill is similar to one introduced in Russia law last year, banning the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships”.

The Interior Ministry told news agency that around a hundred people attended the demonstration, which urged the Government to introduce the controversial legislation.

Participants held up placards reading: “Perverts, hands off our children”, and: “No gay propaganda”.

The country was urged by the European Parliament to drop the bill earlier this year.

MP Kurmanbek Dyikanbaev, who proposed the legislation was in attendance at the event which lasted about an hour, undisturbed.

A group of experts from the United Nations also urged the Kyrgyz Parliament to withdraw the bill.

The bill passed the first reading on 15 October 2014, but needs an additional two readings and presidential approval before turning into law.