Android launches digital pride featuring Tom Daley, Jessie J and Sam Smith

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Want to attend a pride event, but can’t actually get to one? Look no further – Android has launched a digital global Pride celebration.

AndProud Key Visual

The #AndProud campaign launches today, and allows Android users, and everyone else, to celebrate diversity.


Ian McKellen shared his own Androidified character

Android has created the online #AndProud parade, which allows users to create or ‘Androidify’, their own Android character, dress it up and give it signature moves.


The weekend of 27-28 June, the characters will all walk side-by-side in an online parade, and will be featured on big screens at London, New York and San Francisco prides.


Tom Daley shared his

Those featured in the promotion of the event are Jessie J, Tom Daley and Sam Smith, and other celebrities who have shared their characters include Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue.


Users can create their own character here.