Watch: Trans woman makes powerful statement about domestic violence

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A video maker has produced a powerful video on domestic violence – recreating some of the injuries that many trans women face.

23-year-old Canadian YouTuber Julie Vu, who is transgender, has more than 250,000 subscribers to her Princes Joules channel.

Ms Vu released a clip titled ‘Domestic Violence’ – in which she is shown ‘wiping away’ bruises as statistics about violence appear on screen.

The video states: “One in every two transgender individuals are sexually assaulted and abused at some point in their life time.”

Ms Vu said: “The wiping away of the marks and bruises symbolizes someone who is living in fear and do not know how to escape from it. As she starts again with a fresh face, she is healed for now, not knowing when her partner will strike again. ”

Responding to criticism of the video, she said: “It shows you that domestic violence can happen to anyone, even the girl under the bruises.

“It made you angry that it didn’t really happen to me right now… but what if I told you that it has happened to me in the past. Does that make a difference?”

LGBT domestic violence charity Broken Rainbow was rescued from closure earlier this year – after securing enough government funding to maintain services until 2016, amid fears of cuts.

The Home Office said previously: “Domestic violence and abuse is an appalling crime that this government is committed to ending.

“The government recognises the important role that the Broken Rainbow helpline plays in supporting LGBT victims of domestic violence and abuse, which is why we have provided the helpline with funding of £120,000 in the last financial year.”