Cambridge college relaxes dress code so men can wear skirts

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St Catherine’s College has become one of the first college’s of the University of Cambridge to relax its dress code.

St Catherine’s, founded in 1473, has always had the same dress code for formal dinners. Men were to wear a suit and women to wear either a blouse and skirt or a dress.

However, Charlie Northrop, 25, a transgender student at the college studying for a PhD in classics, campaigned for these rules to be changed.

She began transitioning last year, and as a result of this and her campaign, the college agreed to relax the rules. Resulting in them allowing men to wear a blouse and skirt or dress, and women to wear a suit.

Other students who choose not to define themselves can also wear what they want.

The college has become the first at the 800-year-old university to change their rules regarding formal dress code.

Charlie hopes that other colleges will also follow in the same suit.

“I’m over the moon, it’s absolutely wonderful that it’s now been passed,” she said.

“Everyone has been so helpful and it’s been great to make a new change. I’ve been speaking to students from other colleges now who hope to make the change across the university.” She added.