Doctors issue health warning over squatting in skinny jeans

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Could your skinny jeans by putting your health at risk? Doctors say maybe – especially if you regularly squat in them.

A health warning has been issued after a 35-year-old woman was cut out of a pair of skinny jeans when her calves inflated.

She had spent hours squatting down when she was moving house, before her feet went numb, and she couldn’t walk.

The incident was noted in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, which suggested she may have developed a condition called compartment syndrome, exacerbated by her skinny jeans.

The syndrome happens when bleeding or swelling takes place in an isolated group of muscles, such as the calves.

The woman in question spent several hours lying on the ground after she tripped and fell.

After four days, she had recovered and could walk unaided.

Other health professionals have reported issues faced by patients wearing skinny jeans. Some reported tingly or numb thighs.