New emails reveal Hillary Clinton called Iraq’s treatment of gays ‘sad and terrible’

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Newly released emails show Hillary Clinton discussed Saddam Hussein’s treatment of LGBT people, calling it “sad and terrible”.

In one of thousands of emails released this week, the Democratic Presidential hopeful Mrs Clinton commented on a story about the treatment of gay people in Iraq since Saddam Hussein was arrested, tried and executed.

Writing to chief of staff Cheryl Mills, Mrs Clinton said: “So sad and terrible. We should ask Chris Hill to raise this w govt.”

She continued: “We should emphasize LGBT human rights.”

In another email, Mrs Clinton discussed the appointment of a global LGBT rights envoy for the US back in 2009, six years before America appointed one for the first time.

Clinton advisor Richard Socarides, to Ms Mills: “There is a lot of appreciation for everything the Dept has done around this so far and I think you could really build on it by putting someone there in charge of international LGBT human rights issues.”

Responding, Mrs Clinton said: “Mira Patel told me she is already starting to do this,” later writing “let’s discuss”.

The latest batch of emails was released as per court order by the State Department, when it was revealed she had used a private email account to send professional emails as the Secretary of State.

They show dozens of emails back and forth between Mrs Clinton and staffers discussing LGBT issues.

The former Secretary of State Clinton in 2013 officially announced her support for equal marriage in a moving speech in which she called moves towards equality “breathtaking and inspiring”. Shas also been outspoken  on a number of other LGBT issues.