Brazen cop who filmed vile transphobic rap calling for Hillary Clinton’s execution while in uniform escapes firing

Robert Sisco, a New Patz police officer, sang a rap with transphobic lyrics. (

A New York police officer suspended over a transphobic rap calling for Hillary Clinton to be hanged for treason will keep his job.

Robert Sisco was placed on administrative leave after he posted a video of himself rapping in his car while in uniform and with his name tag on show: “There’s only two genders and Trump’s still your president / Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”

After the video of the New Patz cop went viral in June, town board officials sought to have him fired. However it was announced Wednesday (October 21) that a settlement had been struck with the Police Benevolent Association of New York State, a law enforcement labour union, and Sisco.

The officer will instead keep his job and serve 20 hours of community service.

“This is about as good as we can do, town board supervisor Neil Bettez said, according to the Times Herald-Record.

“The arbitrator advised us this was probably not a fireable offence, even though that is what we requested.”

New York cop who performed trasphobic rap will have to apologise to the LGBT+ community.

The settlement arrived at by the board and the union included a 120-day unpaid suspension – most of which has already been served.

Sisco will be placed on probation for four years and will have to apologise to the community. Bettez is calling on local queer leaders to suggest how he spends this.

“My hope is that he has learned from his mistake,” Bettez added.

“I hope he realizes what he said was hurtful to many in our community.”

After insulting the trans community in his rap, Robert Sisco went on to encourage violence against Hillary Clinton, suggesting that she should be hanged, and claimed that coronavirus was sent to the US by China.

Despite his barbed and discriminatory lyrics, the officer included a verse towards the end insisting that: “I’d rather use my words than resorting to violence.”

The video caused outrage in the New Paltz community, coming as it did in the middle of Pride Month.