Australian politician slams council for same-sex marriage support

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Senate leader Eric Abetz sent a letter to a local council admonishing them for publicly supporting same-sex marriage.

Hobart City council passed a motion to publicly support same-sex marriage – a hot topic in Australia at the moment, as it remains the only major English speaking nation not to allow same-sex marriage anywhere in its boarders.

Mr Abetz sent the council a letter telling them he believed the vote was “not a reflection of the priorities and aspirations of your ratepayers”.

The governing Liberal Party Senator went on: “I firmly believe that the institution of marriage is one that has been uniquely, over the centuries, the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of others for life. I also believe it is the best environment in which to raise children.

“I oppose changing that position.

“I further believe that a conscience vote on this issue would be unhelpful. Our children deserve the best possible start in life and the best possible model for that is a marriage where children enjoy the security of knowing their biological parents and the diversity of male and female role models.

“I trust future correspondence from council will deal with matters that actually fall in the purview of the council’s responsibilities.”

Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome said: “The horse had bolted on gay parenting in Australia with about 20 per cent of Australia’s 50,000 same-sex couples raising children.

“I am amazed Senator Abetz found the time to write to the Hobart City Council objecting to its unanimous support for marriage equality, given his demanding job as Employment Minister.”