Mike Huckabee wants it to be a ‘hate crime’ to stop Christians being homophobic

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Republican Mike Huckabee has said he wants to revise hate crime legislation, to protect Christians who are discriminating against gay people.

The anti-gay Presidential wannabe made the claim while speaking to right-wing radio host Steve Deace, following the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

He pledged to safeguard “religious liberty” through an executive order, before adding: “I would issue a directive to the attorney general, and I would insist that everyone’s religious liberty be vigorously defended.

“That there be no allowance for people to have their businesses shut down and that those who would attempt to extort from them or anyone who committed a crime against a person because they didn’t accept homosexual marriage could be prosecuted for a hate crime.”

Listen to the clip via Buzzfeed below:

Huckabee is among the Republican candidates to have signed a pledge that describes same-sex parents as “unconscionable and destructive” and a “threat to security”.

He has made a number of anti-LGBT comments in the past, ‘joking’ earlier this year that he wishes he were transgender so he could spy on teenage girls in the shower.

The Republican has also claimed that child molestation is “not unforgivable”, while defending his ardent supporter and anti-gay activist Josh Duggar.