Christians have set up a ‘sin-free’ version of Facebook but no gays are allowed

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Brazilian Evangelicals have launched their own “sin-free” version of Facebook, which is founded on love and acceptance – unless you’re gay.

‘FaceGloria’ has launched in Brazil, and, according to its founders, attracted more than 100,000 users in its first month of existance.

FaceGloria holds its members accountable for their actions, and bans those who break the rules.

In place of ‘likes’, as on Facebook, there are ‘Amens’, swearing is banned, and any violent or erotic content is banned.

In addition any photos or videos of anything related to homosexuality is strictly prohibited.

Each user is also forced to upload a profile picture on signing up, although photos of topless women were immediately visible when PinkNews signed up.

Intended to be like Facebook but without “violence and pornography”, the site allows Christians to talk about God and “spread his word”, says founder Atilla Barros, speaking to AFP.

The site was launched with financial support from the mayor of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, after the founders worked in his office.

“We want to be morally and technically better than Facebook. We want all Brazilian Evangelicals to shift to Facegloria,” said Mr Barros.

The rules are enforced by volunteers such as Daiane Santos, who sacrifices 6 hours a day working for FaceGloria.

The site’s founders expect it to become Brazil’s number one social networking site, and has said they will take on Twitter and Facebook around the world, having bought the English domains for the brand.