Radio host claims Hillary Clinton ‘faked’ crying gay teen

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh has claimed that Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton “faked” a picture of a gay teen featured on photography blog Humans of New York.

Popular photojournalist blog Humans of New York, which is run by Brandon Stanton, posts daily pictures of everyday people around New York – and attracts a huge following across the internet.
Radio host claims Hillary Clinton ‘faked’ crying gay teen
A picture from the blog, which showed a gay teen worrying about his sexuality, went viral last week – and prompted messages of support from Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, as well as out TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

However, right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh has claimed that the photo was somehow fabricated by Clinton in order to get good PR.

He claimed: “An eight-year-old kid on his stoop in front of his house, all alone crying about this. Well, where did he pick this up? He’s eight years old.

“How does he know at eight that his life is already preprogrammed to be filled with misery because he’s gay?

“And then, of course, the happenstance of the photographer. And the happenstance that the kid opens up to the photographer about why he’s crying.

“And then the happenstance of Hillary just happens to see it because it just happened to go viral. I mean, there’s a lot of coincidences here – and all I know is that there are no coincidences with the Clintons.

I feel very confident and safe speculating that this whole thing is as phony as it gets.

“We’re supposed to believe a photographer walking the streets of New York City sees this kid crying on his stoop then takes his picture? And then the kid says this to the photographer ‘I’m crying about my future because I’m gay and I’m really worried about my future and I don’t think I’m going to be loved and it’s going to be really hard out there’.”

Comparing him to another boy who was recently photographed at New York Pride, he claimed: “The kids looks like he’s 8 or 9. You know who the kid looks like?

“The kid looks like the kid that was in the gay pride parade last week- picture showed his mum proudly had him out there dressed up in some kind of rainbow coloured drag queen get-up with a Roman crown of whatever on his head. This kid looks exactly like that kid.

“I’m not saying its the same kid. I’m just saying that’s what this 8-year-old looks like. Anyway, its just a little too convenient.”