Watch: Vito Cammisano shares coming out story on YouTube

The fiancé of openly gay American football star Michael Sam has published a video in which he shares his coming out story.

In the eight-minute clip, Cammisano remembers how he struggled with his sexuality throughout his childhood, having grown up in a “very, very Italian Catholic family”.

He also discusses the moment he came out to his best friend and the therapy he received to help him deal with his anxiety and fear.

“It helped me finally realise that, ‘What’s wrong with being me? This is who I was born as,’” Cammisano says.

“And I’m a lot more fabulous being the Vito I’ve been hiding.”

However, he also admits that coming out and living as a gay man can be a “lifelong process”.

“I’m going to be put in situations where I might have to choose to come out on a daily basis.”

Last month, Michael Sam has returned to his new Canadian team – after briefly quitting for “personal reasons”.

Watch the full video – which is only the first part of Cammisano’s vlog series on coming out – below.