First challenge to SCOTUS gay marriage ruling goes to court

The first attempt at a challenge to the US Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of same-sex marriage will go to court on Monday.

A Kentucky county clerk plans to argue that she should be exempt from performing same-sex weddings due to her Christian faith.

Same-sex weddings have begun across the US since the Supreme Court ruled two weeks ago that marriage is a constitutional right for all Americans, straight or gay.

A lawsuit has been filed against the clerk, Kim Davis, by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Kim Davis was caught on camera refusing to provide the marriage licence – watch it here.

Other clerks have also thrown their support behind Davis, a Rowan County clerk, sparking a debate as Christians demand that they be exempt from performing same-sex marriages.

Some have pointed out similarities between this case, and the 1967 Supreme Court ruling striking down laws against interracial marriage.

Southern states saw waves of resistance against the Loving vs Virginia ruling, which took some time to fade.