Watch: Someone has made an amazing Magneto and Xavier love story X-Men edit

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TV host Conan O’Brien has shown an edited version of X-Men Days of Future Past featuring a love story between Professor Xavier and Magneto.

Speaking to Conan O’Brien, X-Men stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have addressed the close relationship between their characters.

McAvoy explained the relationship between the two characters, saying: “It’s like that thing in a love story where you don’t always like the person you’re in love with. But you still love them.

He went on: “Charles and Eric have always hated the way they approach things. It’s like ‘Urgh, he always wants to kill the humans. He’s always going on about the same old s***… and yet I love the guy – I can’t kill him – I don’t want to mind control the guy.”

The stars were also treated to the very special fan-made video, featuring the two looking longingly at each other, set to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’.