Asexual charity receives criticism after UKIP pledges support

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Asexual charity MAAPLE has received criticism after accepting members of LGBT UKIP as supporters of their cause.

Some within the organisation and on social media claimed it undermined the charity’s core aims and values, as well distracting from the issues they wish to tackle.

MAAPLE’s website states that they “believe that making the world better for asexuals will make the world better for everyone. Our aim is to address three big issues that asexuals face: inequality, lack of awareness, and the lack of role models.”

However, the charity were shocked by the level of negativity and ‘dissatisfaction’ they received after accepting the controversial political party as an associated group supporter of their organisation.

“Following our previous announcement stating that the LGBT group of UKIP wished to support us in our aims, we were surprised by the extent and depth of the dissatisfaction and concern for our actions.” they said in a statement.

The statement then goes on to explain the charity’s reasons for accepting UKIP’s support: “It was our belief that by naming an LGBT group of a political party as a supporter of our organisation it would encourage others to follow.

“We felt that, for UKIP in particular, initiating conversation about asexuality was a positive step.

“However, we do not wish for our concerted efforts to advance our aims to be undermined in the eyes of the people we wish to support.”

MAAPLE have since taken the decision to revoke listing the group as supporters and will no longer seek to gain support from any political parties. They also pledged their thanks to the party for their support.

UKIP have expressed their disappointment at the news. Flo Lewis, Chair of LGBT* in UKIP said: “We in LGBT in UKIP are deeply disappointed with this decision, as we wished to support this young organisation, with the hope that political differences would be set aside and unite under the cause of equality of which may prompt other parties to pledge support.

“Once again the LGBT in UKIP find themselves segregated from the very community in which they are themselves members due to political differences,” she said.

Last month, UKIP’s LGBT group joined the Pride in London parade, despite organisers having banned them due to safety concerns.

Yesterday, a former MEP for the UK Independence Party has been jailed for fraudulently claiming more than £500,000 in expenses.

Ashley Mote, who was a Member of the European Parliament for South East England from 2004 until 2009, has been convicted of 12 charges related to the fraud.