Grindr is actually a great place to make friends, survey finds

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Despite having a reputation as a place where men look for sex – a survey has found that half of Grindr users have forged close friendships through the site.

The hook-up app conducted a survey of more than 2,500 users, asking them about their use of their service.

A Grindr spokesperson said: “A whopping 47% of survey respondents said that they had found long-term friendships on Grindr – which goes to show that there are plenty of guys out there who aren’t just looking for Mr ‘Right Now’.”

The results are surprising as Grindr doesn’t have a reputation as a place to just meet friends and chat (though it might do in future if the government have anything to say about it).

More than half of all respondents (53%) said that they were open to becoming parents in future – though it definitely doesn’t make it into the average Grindr bio.

More than a quarter of users (27%) said they use Grindr more than any other mobile app – and the average user actually spends longer on Grindr than on Facebook.

Grindr users spend an average of 54 minutes a day on the app, according to the stats – while the average Facebook user spends 42 minutes on the social network.

The app’s CEO previously said he was “very proud” the app is used in places where homosexuality is taboo or illegal.