Gay man shamed by Grindr troll because he was only looking for friends and we can’t roll our eyes back any further

Joe Wiecha, scouting for pals in the new city he calls home, encountered judgement from a Grindr user. (Twitter/Joe Wiecha)

A gay man was shamed by a Grindr user – who we’re sure is much loved for their personality – simply because he was looking for friends on the dating app.

Joe Wiecha, based in Salford, England, logged-onto the black and yellow app to find a user in his inbox hounding him for stating that he’s “not looking to hook-up, ideally friends, maybe dating” on his profile.

Screenshotting the exchange, Wiecha found friends on Twitter who were sympathetic to him as he asked the question: “Since when was looking for friendship completely out of the question?”

The user, who may or may not have too much time on their hands, was the third person to pillory Wiecha, 29, just for looking for pals on Grindr, he told PinkNews.

Grindr user judges man for looking for new pals. 

“Genuine friendships take years to develop,” the user said, in an opinion that absolutely nobody asked for.

Wiecha tersely replied: “I know.”

When asked why he was looking for friends, Wiecha said that “a friendship could develop anywhere, why not here?”

“Never gonna happen looking for it,” the Grindr guy said, “why you so set on needing friendships, should be self-sufficient.

“Better with my arm round you nightly, keep you loved and wanted,” the user added, showing how self-sufficient and friendless he might be.

Wiecha hit back: “Why you so set on being a judgey c**t?

“Ha, I’d rather s**t in my hands and clap!”

‘Being self-sufficient has no relevance to friendships.’

Wiecha explained that he moved to Manchester less than half a year ago and, due to travel commitments and attending university, he hasn’t had time to make friendships yet.

“I’ve been struggling with my mental health and made the decision to try and look for something other than ‘a quick fix’,” he said.

“I feel like I’m too busy to date right now and actually I’m not ashamed to admit I’m pretty lonely sometimes, but what’s missing is friendships.”

But in encountering animosity on Grindr for scouting for friends has left Wiecha confused and frustrated. “Being self-sufficient has no relevance to friendships,” he said.

“I’m incredibly self-sufficient, I work hard, balance my busy schedule really well and actually I’d just like to grab a beer or some food with someone.”

The Grindr guy never responded to Wiecha’s comeback and later blocked him. As he said: “A reply that I don’t regret!

“I don’t need someone to make me feel ‘loved up nightly’. I’m pretty happy spending my nights watching Netflix and eating pizza, it would just be good to go and grab a beer with some friends – once The Stranger has finished, obviously!”