Anti-LGBT activist compares gay teacher to Nazis

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National Organisation of Marriage co-founder Robert George has compared a gay teacher – who was forced to resign because of her sexuality – to an ‘active’ member of the Nazi party.

George made the comments whilst discussing the case of Margie Winters, a school teacher from Philadelphia who claims she was asked to resign from her job when parents of her pupils found out she was a lesbian.

Ms Winters argues that the Catholic school she worked for knew she was a lesbian and still gave her the job – requesting she did not discus it with parents or kids, a rule by which she says she abided.

George – a professor at Princeton University – claims a teacher can never truly have a personal life, as it will always effect their job and interfere with their abilities to teach, reports

However, the way in which he draws the comparison is somewhat questionable.

“This is not to compare same sex relationships to Nazism,” George says, before doing exactly that.

“Imagine that somebody who was actively involved with the Nazi party,” he says, “but kept it entirely private, and didn’t preach about it, would anybody be willing to say his personal life isn’t relevant to his obligations in school?”

“Nobody would say that – that that shows is that nobody really really believes that your personal life is entirely independent of your obligations as a teacher in a school.”

Last year, the infamously anti-gay NOM has threatened to throw its weight behind a third party, unless Republicans do more to oppose gay rights.

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