This transgender woman is determined to have biological baby

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Talulah Eve Brown has started her transition but claims she still wants to have children that are biologically hers even if it means being a single parent.

A transgender woman still wants to be a parent despite having gender reassignment surgery.

She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2014 and has begun treatment to transition to a woman – paying £800 to have her sperm frozen so she can have children that are biologically hers.

She told PA Real Life: “Ideally, I want to be settled in a relationship but I’ve proved that I can do all this on my own so there’d be nothing stopping me bringing up a child on my own.

“My mum brought me up on her own so I’m sure I’ll do just fine. I was born to be a strong, independent woman – and a mother.”

Miss Brown went on to describe the transphobic abuse she has received over the years, discussing how strangers have told her she should die, thrown bottles at her from moving cars and even threatened her at knife-point.

She said: “The level of abuse I get is hurtful, but if I was to report every instance of hate crime I’ve experienced to police, I would be in court every single day.

“Instead, I just hold my head up high. There have been times where I could have potentially been beaten up, but I refuse to hide away and let these people see that they’ve upset me.

“I don’t want to feel like a victim because it isn’t me with the problem. I’m not any less of a person just because I’m transgender.”

Her next challenge is trying to be crowned winner of the upcoming Miss Transgender UK pageant, the first of its kind in this country.

If she takes the title, Talulah says she wants to tackle hate crime by setting up workshops in prisons, educating people on LGBT issues in the hope of increasing understanding and acceptance in society.

Under UK law you remain your birth gender unless you apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate to change it legally.

The Gender Recognition Panel, part of HM Courts & Tribunals Service, assesses applications from transgender people to provide legal recognition of gender change.

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