Gawker removes article ‘outing’ Condé Nast exec

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Gawker has apologised and taken down an article after being accused of attempting to out a Condé Nast executive.

The CFO, David Geithner, who is married to a woman and a father of three, denied the allegations that he attempted to set up an encounter with an anonymous gay porn actor in Chicago.

The article claimed that he had offered to pay $2,500 for the meeting, and that the trip was cancelled when the porn actor attempted to get Geithner to help him out with a housing dispute.

Geithner strongly denied the claims, and accused the site of publishing a “shakedown”.

Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker, has now said he regrets that the article was published, and despite saying it “was true and well-reported”, admitted it “does not rise to the level” of being in the public interest.


“This action will not turn back the clock,” Denton wrote. “David Geithner’s embarrassment will not be eased. But this decision will establish a clear standard for future stories. It is not enough for them simply to be true. They have to reveal something meaningful. They have to be true and interesting.”

Denton continued that Gawker has “influence and [an] audience that demands greater editorial restraint,” he wrote.

The move came after many criticised the article on social media, and some suggested the Gawker should face an advertising boycott.

Gawker Editor-in-Chief Max Read responded to defend the article, saying: “Given the chance Gawker will always report on married c-suite executives of major media companies f****** around on their wives.”