Gay sperm donor helps lesbian couple parent twins

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The couple are celebrating the birth of their twin sons after they made used the free service provided by Kenzie Kilpatrick.

Mr Kilpatrick offers free sperm donations via his Drama Free UK Sperm Donors Facebook group, claiming just travel and hotel expenses.

He has made donations to over 50 childless women in his quest to help them become mothers – resulting in 10 babies by nine different women.

Mr Kilpatrick – who is also gay – has received criticism from support groups and medical professionals, who recommend that prospective mothers stick to fully licensed clinics, despite the often hefty financial costs sometimes involved.

However, the couple have said they nothing but joy and gratitude towards the surrogate father. Vikki Lomax said: “Going on Facebook might be an unusual way of having kids.

“But we’re not ashamed of how we got our lovely family.

“Kenzie’s generosity has changed our lives,” she told the Birmingham Mail.

Vikki’s wife, Rebecca – who gave birth to the boys – echoed her wife’s sentiments: “Having our twin sons is a dream come true.”

The couple also explained why they prefer knowing who the father of their children is – which is often not the case when it comes to sperm donation.

“We are happy this was not an anonymous donation and Kenzie is happy our sons know he is their biological parent.

But other than that he won’t have anything to do with their upbringing.”

Mr Kilpatrick met with the couple shortly before he donated his sperm, signing a contract with pair that confirmed he will not have access to the children and no money would change hands – he also provided them with documentation proving that he did not have any health problems or sexually-transmitted diseases.

“To know I’ve helped people who have suffered for so long, desperately wanting to have a baby, has been my biggest motivator,” Mr Kilpatrick said.

“I also feel incredible knowing that I will have ten babies out there continuing my genes.

“But I don’t feel like I need to know the babies or stay in touch with their families – I just provided the sperm. I’m not attached to them.”

Despite helping numerous women with service he provides, Mr Kilpatrick has decided to close the Drama Free Facebook group. He will now only provide sperm to families he has already helped conceive a child, to allow the children to have biological siblings.

Earlier this year, PinkNews revealed how a minor political party in Coventry promised to “rescue” children being raised by same-sex couples and abolish same-sex marriage in the lead up to this year’s election.

In leaflets were delivered at the time on behalf of the ‘Mainstream’ party, pledges were made to “End same-sex adoption regardless of the couple’s lifestyle choice”, and to “abolish same-sex ‘marriage’”.